114 x (32x22) x (26x20) mm

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  • $65.00

Warthog tusk - Massive/solid Segment

Nice sturdy, colorful, texture rich and easy to work.

Pre shaped and as straight as possible, given the fact that warthog tusks are anything but straight, naturally (e.g. the pre shaped handle blanks are all somewhat naturally charming bend and curvy)

Lots of material for carving or a knife handle or musical instrument making or jewelry making.

Some natural black lines and / or natural minor cracking may occur. - These are easily fixed with Super Glue.

Measures are understood: Length of outher curve x size of one end oval / size of opposite end oval

About this piece: three natural cracks on the smaller end (area where it touched the lower jaw) ; some marks ; not straight: reduced to € 59,95


Note: Do not ship outside The European Union.

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