118 x (42 x 38) x (31 x 24) mm

  • €109,95

Penile bone from Atlantic Walrus

Dense, stable and certainly a material with an interesting pedigree.

Some of these are cut from the front end and comes with the natural tip, which may be utilized - or simply cut off.

First and second cut from the Oosic is normally with either zero or minimal porousity - and the 3 rd. cut is normally with some porousity in the end.

All our Oosics, however are naturally shaped - or only modified slightly - and are all perfectly suited for a luxury knife handle.

Measures are understood: Length x (size of front oval) x (size of end oval)

About this piece: very spongy on the inside - reduced to € 109,95.


NOTE: Does not ship beyond the borders of The European Union.