128 x 45 x 31 mm

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Fossil Charcoal rec. - sometimes also called Jet, Gagat, Pechkohle, Black Amber or Shungit

Each piece is a little different in color and structure. Sometimes with thin layers of Pyrit. This material is several million years old bitumen impregnated fossil wood.

Fossil Charcoal is a natural material, often used for jewelry making or as a painting pigment. In color, it is super dark black with sometimes Pyrit / random thin white lines. We do select for uniform dark black qualities.

The material can be worked with regular woodworking tools. Sanding/cutting will take a little longer. We do recommend using ceramic rather than aluminium oxide belts for faster progress. We use regular hardwood bandsaw blades with hardened tips. For drilling, we recommend HSS drills.

Reconstructed fossil charcoal is much easier to cut, sand and polish (compared to the raw stone). The process of reconstruction makes fossil charcoal more solid and durable, easier to work, less brittle and less affected by humidity. Hence this process resembles the stabilization process. This material can be polished to a super high shine, if desired.


As with all natural matetrials, very rarely small voids and imperfections might appear. If desired, these can be easily fixed with Super Glue.


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