Business take over

Posted by Deniz Kayacik on

16/04 2018

Business take over

Dear customers, friends, suppliers and colleagues

I have sold Mermaid Supplies.

After almost twenty years of selling material for custom handmade knives, I have decided that now, is a good time to let the young generation take over.

So,- by now, Deniz Kayacik will take over the complete business - and run Mermaid Supplies.

Thank you all for always being supportive and thank you for the warmth and friendliness I have enjoyed everywhere I travelled during the years.

Henrik Ussing


- A word from the new owner:

Hi everybody !

Amateur knife maker, 27 years old, having been part of the knife show circuit for a couple of years, is the short introduction to me.

I will run Mermaid Supplies from central Germany - and since I love "top drawer" material, I will continue in the spirit within Mermaid Supplies.

The web-shop is still running - and is about to be filled up with the current line of material - and some more exiting high quality material. - Stay tuned for this !

I am looking very much forward to seeing all of you at the European shows.

Deniz Kayacik

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