to the web shop of Mermaid Supplies.

We take pride in leading the way in the field of rare and hard to find natural material.

We welcome all the knife makers out there, as well as any craftsmen such as pen turners, jewelry makers, musical instrument makers and everybody else who like high quality material.

We love knife making and craftsmanship ourselves and we know the importance of novelties in the field of handle material and thus, we are constantly hunting for inventions and new material that may be refined into handle material.

Unlike many of our qualified competitors, we offer truly hard to find material, some of which fall under the Cites legislation.

- We only offer items that fall under Cites list II, EU appendix B or items graduated lower on the Cites lists.

- Cites rules and regulations are harmonized and identical all over The European Union.

- We only offer material that has been imported in a legal manner to The European Union and once introduced legally into The European Union, this material may be traded freely with no further documentation.

- You , as buyer, need no Cites document or copy of this.

- However, we shall always sign a written receipt that states that the material in question indeed is legal to buy, sell, own, transport and exhibit all over The European Union.

- Note, however, that other and often more strict rules apply when you ship this material outside the borders of The European Union.

- We do not ship any of these items beyond the borders of The European Union.

- We do not ship any horn, bone or ivory material to the US states New York and New Jersey.

Have a look around and check out our many goodies for the handle of that special knife of yours.

- Have fun !

Henrik and Deniz