Frequently asked Questions

    1. Will I receive the exact item from the product pictures ?

    • Each item is unique and we list everything individually. You will receive the EXACT item from the pictures. Exceptions will be stated in the product description e.g. small shark teeth.

    2. Are there further Items from (your Product) available ?

    • We always try to list as many items as possible to each category, although sometimes there are further items available – feel free to send a mail about your request !

    3. The item I am looking for is out of stock – when will it be back ?

    • We are continuously purchasing new Products. All of our products are of natural origin and hence sometimes not available. Moreover, some products are only on certain seasons available. Feel free to ask us by mail about new stock coming in.

    4. Do you process the items yourself ?

    • YES and we are proud about it ! We always do as much as possible of the processing on our own – just like you will with your homemade craft project. We take care of the purchase of raw material, Import, all processing steps, stabilization, finish, webshop processing etc. for over 95% of our products. We believe this is the only way to go for high-end products resulting in high-end crafts. Our Products are processed by hand in Germany.

    5. I have seen (your Product) in this color/dimensions, now it’s sold out – can you make another one for me ?

    • All of our Items are from natural origin and hence unique. No two items will look exactly the same. Sometimes we have pieces from the same raw stock – feel free to send your request via mail.

    6. What about imperfections ?

    • We always try to evaluate our products as truthful as possible. All our items are of natural origin, hence variations can occur. We would never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. Please note: items with small imperfections are always noted in its description (“About this piece: …”)

    7. I have never worked with (your Product). Anything to keep in mind when working these materials ?

    • Almost all of our products can be sufficiently worked with regular tools. In general, we always recommend using sharp tools. Fresh belts, sharp drills and saw blades help a lot ! Some materials can be sensitive to overheating, so go slow and steady. We understand that a lot of our materials are new to you and you may be a little afraid to mess it up. Feel always free to ask us about the workability of a certain product for your craft project - Since we produce almost all Items our self, we have a good idea how to process them efficiently.

    8. Your shop is in English. Can I change the language ?

    • Sure ! Just choose your preferred language on the top right of our website.

    9. What languages do you speak ?

    • We speak english and german. You are very welcome to write us a mail in your preferred language - We may use a translator to reply.

    10. What about Cites papers ?

    • Most of our products are not cites-relative at all and hence can be traded freely. Some products are List 2 / appendix B or lower, hence its trade is controlled. We are in charge of the cites documentation for all corresponding products. Cites rules are harmonized within the European Union. You will receive the actual Permit Number for your purchase on your Invoice. We are legally bound to register your purchase and full address in a physical Book. This information can only be requested by our local Authority (Niedersächsischer Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz). We value your privacy as much as we value our own. You, as an Endcustomer in the EU, don’t need any further documentation.

    11. Why are there several shipping options ?

    • We offer “Standard” (trackable and insured via DHL up to a value of € 500), "Priority" (trackable and non-insured) and “Economy” (not trackable and non-insured) shipping. These options vary in their fees. Please note: we simply pass on the corresponding DHL / Deutsche Post rates from Germany. We use the very same boxes, recycled packaging material, wrapping foil, etc. for your parcel, irrespectively of your shipping choice. So far, none of our parcels broke or got lost. We recommend to use “Standard” shipping.

    12. Do you ship international ?

    • Yes, most of our products can be shipped international (Exception: cites-relative Items). We always encourage international Customers to familiarize themselves with corresponding Custom rules.

    13. I am not very used to order online. Are there other options for me?

    • You are always welcome to order via mail (all languages) or simply call us (english or german). Moreover, we participate on a number of exhibitions all over Europe throughout the year. We encourage you to check our Instagram or Facebook Profiles for information about future exhibitions.