77 x 56 x 13 mm

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  • €229,95

Precious Mammoth Ivory retrieved from ocean bed

Great classic material for full tang, stick tang and folding knives, as well as jewelry making.

These scale pairs are stabilized and cut from genuine ocean found tusks and bark pieces.

This material is becoming harder to obtain for the Western world market every year, since 90 % of all retrieved mammoth tusk material is sold to buyers from the Far East - and thus, prices have steadily increased.

Some of our pieces are world class quality with perfect measures, shape, colors and degree of conservation. These pieces are sought after all over the world and are normally preferred by makers who like to be able to argue for a high price for a luxury ready knife.

- Other pieces may be a bit more modest in quality and are sold at affordable prices.


We flat sand the backsides on all scale sets.

The pieces that origin from very hollow rawmaterial, have typically had their backside cavity filled with black epoxy glue. - Some of this may therefore be visible when the scale is viewed from the end. - Normally, this is not a problem for the knife maker since he will typically either hide the ends behind bolsters, or sand away the glue before utilizing the piece.

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