105 x (24.5 x 27) x (19 x 17) mm

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  • €219,95

Vintage Walrus Ivory

Most of these Items are very old and only a small percentage of Tusks found in the far North are suitable for processing. Refined with a lot of attention and care by us.

Supreme material for luxury knife handles or jewelry making. We select each Item individually.

All items are cleaned and preshaped into nice suitable ovals.

Even though the color penetrates a bit of the inner material, the colors and the crackles will typical be lost when grinding the material further, so plan for doing only minor adjustments.

Measures are understood: length x (size of oval back end) x (size of front oval end) in mm


All our Cites-related items are imported into the EU in a legal matter and may hereafter be traded freely all over The European Union. Further information are available in our Terms and Conditions, paragraph 12.

Note: Do not ship outside the borders of The European Union.

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