100 x 38 x 25.5 mm

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Reconstructed Meerschaum / Sepiolith

Made with real Meerschaum from Turkey. Each piece is different in marbeling, color and structure.

Meerschaum is a low density natural occuring magnesium silicate. Meerschaum - also called Sepiolith - has been used predominantely in the 19th century for Pipes and jewelry. Natural Meerschaum is of a dark white color, but can age over use and time to a light brown tone.

Reconstructed Meerschaum is much easier to drill, cut, sand and polish (compared to regular Meerschaum).

The process of reconstruction makes Meerschaum more solid and durable, easy to work, less brittle and less affected by humidity. Moreover, the age-discoloration is stopped. Hence this process resembles the stabilization process. This material can be polished nicely.

Within the reconstruction process, Meerschaum loses its open structure. We do not recommend using reconstructed Meerschaum for pipes.

Due to the natural origin of Meerschaum, small voids and imperfections might appear. If desired, these can be easily fixed with Super Glue.


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Measurements are understood as: (Length x Width x Thickness) in mm

Width and Thickness are measured at center of the block.

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