129 x 40 x 30 mm

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Recomposited real Amber

Made with real Amber from the Baltic Sea or Sumatra. We do not use any Copal. Each piece is different in marbeling, color and color distribution.

Amber is fossilized tree resin. Baltic Amber is about 40 to 50 Million years old.

Recomposited Amber is much easier to drill, cut, sand and polish (compared to regular Amber). The process of recomposition makes amber more stable and durable, easy to work, less brittle, less vulnerable to acids and humidity. Hence this process resembles the stabilization process. This material can be easily polished to a nice shine. 

Due to the high natural Amber content, small voids and imperfections might rarely appear. If desired, these can be easily fixed with Super Glue.

Thin slices can have a translucent appearance. This effect varies for each block. If desired, you can use liners, colored epoxy, leaf gold, etc. to hide your blade tang.


You get the very piece you click on !


Measurements are understood as: (Length x Width x Thickness) in mm

Width and Thickness are measured at center of the block.

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