140 x (28x18) x Tip mm

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  • €39,95

Warthog tusk Antique look

The sensational and sought after antique look is made with our very own process.

This Technology of Antique Colorization is worldwide unique to Mermaid Supplies

Very nice colors and super crackle effect.

Even though the color sometimes penetrates a bit of the inner material, the color and the crackles will typical be lost when grinding the material further, so plan for doing only minor adjustments.

The tusks are slightly preshaped - and includes all the natural charming bends and curves which are typical for this material.

The surface is a bit more brittle than that of a unprocessed tusk.

You may find voids and/or natural minor cracks, which can easily be solved with Super Glue.

Measures are understood: Length of outher curve x size of front end oval x Tip

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