Fossil Shark Tooth Necklace

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Fossil Shark Tooth

Fossil Shark Teeth from Afrika (Morroco, Khouribga, Sahara). Found in old phosphate mines.

Scientific Species: Otodus obliquus. This shark would grow up to 12,2 meters and lived about 50-60 Mio. years ago (Eocene).

Made into a nice necklace with a metal wiring and 2mm thick black leather cord.

Knot is pushable and can be adjusted, maximum cord diameter is approx. 240mm.

Size of teeth can vary. Approx. length 30 to 35, width 30 to 35mm.


Fossil shark teeth naturally vary in color and appearance. Fossil shark teeth are a natural product and hence can be damaged. Price is per single unit.

Discounts for larger quantities are available.

Pictures show examples. Actual necklace can vary a little in size, color and appearance.

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