Ivory ProTect 60ml

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Ivory ProTect  60ml

- Ivory Surface Protection -

for Makers, Collectors and anybody who wants to preserve precious material.

This Product will feed your ivory and improve its reactions to changing humidity. Ivory´s drying out will be less significant and the elasticity improves - so the product will yield best possible protection against cracking.

Applications should be renewed according to use (once or twice a year). 25ml will be enough for one application on 3-4 Knife handles (dependent on size).


- Works for all kinds of Ivory: Mammoth, Walrus, Narwhale, Hippo, Warthog, etc.

- Works as well effective on most organic materials (teeth, bone, horn, stag, etc.)

- Contains among others Glycerin and Keratin to feed and retain the natural Structure of your Ivory

- Will not effect the color of Ivory

- Will only minimally brighten up the shine of Ivory

- Will not effect the natural colorization effect of Ivory over time

- Will not change the hand-appearance of your handle

- All ingredients are 100% safe for Skin contact (no smelly solvents)

- No abrasive Elements

- especially developed - only available at Mermaid Supplies




- Use only on fully finished Knife handles !

- Apply a complete coating. At first application, you will recognise your Ivory soaking up most of this creme immediately.

- Let the first coating sit for at least 6 hours. Preferable are 8 to 12 hours.

- After this time you can wipe off any excess with a soft cloth.

- Repeat this process after one day for best results.


Note: This Method does not include any guarantee towards cracks and shrinkage, but is well renown to be effective.


Base Price: 100ml = €51,58

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