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Fossil Shark Teeth

Fossil Shark Teeth from Afrika (Morroco, Khouribga, Sahara). Found in old phosphate mines.

Scientific Species: Otodus obliquus. This shark would grow up to 12,2 meters and lived about 50-60 Mio. years ago (Eocene).

The thinner teeth are from Carcharias hopei. This shark lived about 50 Mio. years ago (Eocene). Comparable in size and appearance -due to member of the same family- to sand tiger sharks.

Very well suited for jewelry, crafting and other decorative purposes. Fossil shark teeth naturally vary in color and appearance. Fossil shark teeth are a natural product and hence can be damaged. Price is per single unit.

This product is size small, hence €2 per tooth.


We differentiate qualities by size and weight:

€2: Carcharias hopei. Lenght approx. 20 to 25mm, white/beige

€3: Carcharias hopei or Otodus obliquus. Length approx. 25 to 30mm, varying color

€4: usually Otodus obliquus, sometimes large Carcharias hopei. Lenght approx. 30 to 35mm, varying color

€5: Otodus obliquus, very few extra large Carcharias hopei. Lenght approx. 35mm and up, varying color



We differentiate 'white/beige', 'beige/brown' and 'dark' in color.

Discounts for larger quantities are available.

Pictures show examples. Actual tooth can vary a little in size, color and appearance.

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