Ivory ProTect 25ml

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Ivory ProTect  25ml

- Ivory Surface Protection -

for Makers, Collectors and anybody who wants to preserve precious material.

This Product will feed your ivory and improve its reactions to changing humidity. Ivory´s drying out will be less significant and the elasticity improves - so the product will yield best possible protection against cracking.

Applications should be renewed according to use (once or twice a year). 25ml will be enough for one application on 3-4 Knife handles (dependent on size).


- Works for all kinds of Ivory: Mammoth, Walrus, Narwhale, Hippo, Warthog, Whale, etc.

- Works as well effective on most organic materials (teeth, horn, stag)

- Contains among others Glycerin and Keratin to feed and retain the natural Structure of your Ivory

- Will not effect the color of Ivory, but cleans off age caused discolorations very well.

- Will not stop the natural colorization effect of Ivory over time. All types of Ivory have a tendency to age to a dark white/ yellowish/ light beige color due to natural wear and UV-light exposeture over time. Frequent applications of Ivory Protect can minimize this effect.

- Will only minimally brighten up the shine of Ivory

- Will not change the hand-appearance of your handle

- All ingredients are 100% safe for Skin contact (no smelly solvents)

- No abrasive Elements

- especially developed - only available at Mermaid Supplies




- Use only on fully finished Knife handles !

- Apply a complete coating. At first application, you will recognise your Ivory soaking up most of this creme.

- Let the first coating sit for at least 6 hours. Preferable are 8 to 12 hours. Ivory Protect does not harden within 2 days, so there is no need to rush.

- After this period of time you can wipe off any excess with a soft cloth.

- Repeat this process after one day for best results.


Note: This Method does not include any guarantee towards cracks and shrinkage, but is well renown to be effective.


Please, store your Ivory Protect dark at room temperature. Shelf life is about 2 years, often longer.



Base Price: 100ml = €39,80

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